Is there a single Labour MP who’ll talk sense on trans?

Feb 6, 2020 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

THE first politician to look a complete fool on Mumsnet was Penny Mordaunt. She was Minister for Women and Equalities at the time of the debacle early last year. During a Mumsnet webchat, she couldn’t answer even basic questions put to her by users. According to the Independent, ‘Questions that Mordaunt wouldn’t or couldn’t answer started with . . . what is a woman, can humans change sex, and in what circumstances is it necessary to distinguish between males and females?’ The minister ‘evaded questions on whether the NHS should be treating children with experimental “puberty blocker” drugs, and why schools have no guidance on how to safeguard children facing gender issues’.  The Independent wondered whether Mordaunt’s was ‘the worst Mumsnet performance ever’.  

Well, it may have been for a quite a while. Then the Labour Party’s leadership contest began.

Contender Rebecca Long Bailey didn’t wait to go on Mumsnet before telling us that ‘trans-women are women’ and that ‘self ID’ should be the law.

But Jess Phillips waded in where fools so gladly tread. A few weeks ago, she confirmed to Mumsnetters her view that ‘trans women are women’. Furious responses included: ‘Maybe a lot of your constituents don’t know what the hell is going on with the GRA [Gender Recognition Act] but they soon will do when the rights of a tiny minority of men supersede the rights of half the population i.e. women.’

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