Is transgenderism making way for common sense?

Jan 11, 2018 by

by Niall McCrae, The Conservative Woman:

[…] Two stories to get 2018 off to another adventure in cultural Marxism. But as I have suggested before, society is unlikely to bow to all the demands of transgender activism. Indeed, it could be a tipping point against the decadence of narcissistic identity politics that has threatened a repeat of the sacking of Rome, which was destroyed not so much by invaders but by the lassitude within.

An immediate problem for a reporter or common bystander is how to define the person who appears male but claims female gender: state what you see, and you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Organisations nervously toe the line, and millions of workers have received memos from politically correct, risk-averse bosses or personnel departments demanding that any person’s chosen identity be respected. Category error could cost you your job.

Until recently there was a clear distinction between sex and gender: the former your biological assignation and the latter a socially-constructed status. Sex is almost unexceptionally dichotomous: male or female. You are born with either XX (female) or XY (male) chromosomes. A small number of people who are genetically male grow up with female features owing to failed activation of the Y element. A man who dresses as a woman would be transgender, whereas a transsexual is undergoing or has completed a physical sex change, but this has been blurred by the current obsession with self-determination.

Society has been shaken by the sudden prominence of transgenderism, and questions are being asked about why there are now apparently so many people born in the wrong body. Was it because the battle for homosexual rights needed to be fought first, and that transgender people were actually as prevalent in the past, but forced to live a lie? To some extent this may be true, but I doubt if it satisfactorily explains the surge in boys and girls wanting to be girls and boys.

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