Islamist extremism ‘not being effectively tackled by Government’

Feb 22, 2024 by

by Charles Hymas, Telegraph:

Public faces increased threat from terrorists, warns Prevent reviewer.

Islamist extremism is not being effectively tackled by the Government, the independent reviewer of Prevent has said, as he warned it was fuelling a “dangerous” surge in anti-Semitism.

In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, William Shawcross said the Government had failed to fully implement his proposals to overhaul Prevent, its counter terror programme, which meant the public faced an increased threat from extremists and terrorists.

He said the failure to take tougher action stemmed from a continuing bias within Prevent towards tackling the rise in Right-wing terrorism rather than the main threat of Islamist terrorism.

Mr Shawcross said he warned ministers a year ago about the need to tackle the “pernicious” threat from the Hamas support network in the UK which had now become “more dangerous” following the terror group’s attack on Israel on October 7.

He blamed the network’s members for fuelling the “horrific” increase in anti-Semitism and encouraging anti-Semitic abuse and banners on pro-Palestinian marches.

“The Government is failing to implement my recommendations properly and the British people are therefore in more danger from extremists and terrorists,” said Mr Shawcross, who was commissioned to produce the report by the Government and is now Commissioner for Public Appointments.

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