Israel Folau is sacked

May 17, 2019 by

by Charlie Moore and Ben Hill, Daily Mail Australia:

Israel Folau was today officially sacked from the Australia rugby union team for a homophobic Instagram post.

The decision makes the devout Christian the first Australian athlete dismissed for expressing religious beliefs.

Folau, 30, has the right to appeal and have his case heard at a second code of conduct hearing by a new panel.

But he will reportedly skip that process and head straight to court to argue that he is being persecuted for his religion.

In a press conference this afternoon, Rugby Australia CEO Raelene Castle said Folau was a ‘great player’ but that everyone has the right to be respected regardless of sexuality, race, gender or religion.

After Folau was sacked, former Wallabies coach Alan Jones said Rugby Australia had ‘internationally destroyed his name for quoting a passage from the bible’.

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[…]  Outspoken radio host and former Wallabies coach Alan Jones went for the jugular on Friday, insisting Rugby Australia will “fall on its sword” in the fallout to the Folau case.

The 78-year-old tore into the organisation live on 2GB this afternoon, saying it wasn’t a surprise the decision to sack Folau was made.

“There’s no surprise here…you’re dealing with incompetent people … and incompetent people always behave incompetently,” he said.

“They’ve destroyed his employment and internationally destroyed his name for quoting a passage from the bible for God’s sake.

“He hasn’t slaughtered anyone, he hasn’t insulted anyone and he hasn’t even tried to push this stuff down anyone’s throat.”

Jones has been a regular participant in the Folau storm, defending the 30-year-old’s right to express his views on social media without fear of being sacked.

“The issues of freedom of speech and to express one’s religious views must win out and Rugby Australia must show leadership and common sense to celebrate these cornerstones of Australian society,” Jones wrote in a column for The Australianahead of Castle’s announcement. “While Rugby Australia operates in denial of these freedoms, the situation gets more costly and damaging to individuals and the game.

“If, as a nation, we want freedom of speech, then the corollary is that people will be offended.”

Why we should thank Israel Folau, by Michael Stead, Sydney Anglicans

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