It is not homophobic for the Anglican church to hold traditional Christian views on homosexuality

Jul 13, 2021 by

by Rev Timothy Anderson, Chair of Gafcon Ireland, letter to the editor, Belfast Newsletter:

A Church of Ireland minister has recently resigned his post claiming that the church is ‘structurally, culturally and socially homophobic’.

On what grounds is this charge made? I expect it is because the church hat he has left continues to hold the traditional Christian position towards homosexuality, namely that homosexual practice is sinful and contrary to the Word of God.

This is a position that I, along with many other members of the Church of Ireland and the worldwide Anglican Communion hold with conviction.

I suggest however, that it does not follow that I and others are therefore intrinsically homophobic.

Holding this position has not stopped me in my 35 years of ministry pastoring and supporting Christians who are homosexual.

Quite the opposite. Yet, because I ascribe to a traditional and biblical understanding of marriage and sex, people such as I are considered by some, especially the gay rights lobby, as homophobic.

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