It’s a slur to label these grooming gangs “Asian” – they’re Pakistani and Muslim

Aug 12, 2017 by

by Martin Parsons, Conservative Home:

Yet another gang of ‘Asian’ men has just been convicted of grooming white girls for sex. Sarah Champion, the Labour MP who to her credit has pursued this scandal relentlessly since she was elected in the wake of the Rotherham grooming scandal, has said:

“I think what we need to acknowledge and be very upfront about is that in all of the towns where these cases have gone on the majority of perpetrators have been British Pakistani. Now one of the things, for example, on the news last night, there was a picture of 18 of the people that were convicted, there was no comment that 17 of those were clearly Asian men. And it just pains me that this is going on time, and time and time again and the Government aren’t researching what is going on, you know are these cultural issues? Is there some sort of message going out within the community? We have got now hundreds of men, Pakistani men, who have been convicted of this crime, why are we not commissioning research to see what is going on and how we need to change what is going on?”

In fact, one only has to look at some horrifyingly similar occurrences that have been going on in Pakistan for many years to answer that question. Pakistan is a country which I love. However, every country and every culture has its dark side, including our own. When I lived in Pakistan, there was only one occasion that genuinely shocked me. I was on a bus in Peshawar, and overheard the two men next to me – who wrongly assumed that I couldn’t understand their language – boasting to each other that they had just got the equivalent of £70 for a boy they had sold to a shopkeeper, almost certainly for sexual slavery. I knew there was little I could do, even if I followed the men: the police would do nothing, except possibly take a bribe from them.

Who are these children who are abducted in Pakistan? A high proportion are from the country’s Christian and Hindu minorities who are regarded as inferiors by a great many, though by no means all, Pakistani Muslims.  In fact, most abductions occur in the Punjab and Sindh province, where the majority of the Christians and Hindus respectively live. A 2014 report by a Pakistani NGO highlighted how these abductions are justified by forcing the victims to convert to Islam, which then enables the perpetrator to escape justice:

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