It’s time for Christians to push back against the new Progress Pride flags dominating our towns and cities

Jun 11, 2024 by

by Andrea Williams, Premier Christianity:

Christian Concern are vowing to take Westminster Council to court over planning rules surrounding their annual display of ‘Progress Pride’ flags on London’s Regent Street. Andrea Williams explains why

With everything else going on in the world, why would Christians care about flags?

An enormous display of ‘Progress Pride’ flags has, once again, appeared on Regent Street – an iconic shopping street in London’s West End. The display was first put up as a one-off in 2022 to mark 50 years of Pride. But it has re-appeared in June ever since despite significant opposition.

This year, Christian Concern formally objected to the planning application. Even though the flags are now flying, we will be arguing the point that permission should not have been granted.

Why do flags matter?

First, let’s think about flags. They don’t have any power in themselves; they can’t sin or harm anyone directly. But, for thousands of years, flags have marked out people or territory as belonging to a particular nation or cause – for both good and ill.

When tens – or hundreds – of flags are flown in a small area it dominates the landscape, sending the message that the cause or identity associated with that flag is also dominant.

What does this mean for Pride flags?

Pride flags stand for an anything-goes approach to sex. Consent is all that matters; if everyone involved agrees to something, it’s to be respected and honoured, no matter how degrading it is.

This isn’t God’s pattern for our sexuality. He made our bodies male and female, with sex for within marriage, to strengthen the relationship and produce “godly offspring” (Malachi 2:15).

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