Jordan Peterson vs the Left

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Jordan Peterson articles following the interview with Cathy Newman on Channel 4

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The Professor of Awkward by James Cary

The curious star appeal of Jordan Peterson by Dougas Murray, Spectator

Jordan B Peterson, Critical Theory, and the New Bourgeoisie by Uri Harris, Quillette

Jordan Peterson v Cathy Newman – Best SJW Takedown Evah! by James Delingpole, Breitbart

How to handle a Leftie: Jordan Peterson’s TV masterclass, The Conservative Woman

Jordan Peterson, Hero by Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

David v Goliath 2018: how Professor P brought leftie Cathy crashing to earth, by Jules Gomes, The Conservative Woman

12 Rules for life: a Christian perspective, by David Robertson, The Wee Flea

Why the Academic Left Fears and Loathes Dr. Jordan Peterson by John Dale Dunn, The American Conservative

Listen to Jordan Peterson, and believe, by Niall McCrae, The Conservative Woman

Clever, clear thinking and hated by the Left – what’s not to like about Jordan Peterson? by Ollie Wright, TCW

The Curious Case of the Canadian Psychologist, Burkean Journal

Watch: Joe Rogan Experience #1070 – Jordan Peterson – YouTube

Jordan Peterson is a prophet—and a problem for progressives by Anne Hendershott, Catholic World Report

Who is Jordan Peterson, anyhow? by Kevin O’Rourke, MercatorNet

Jordan Peterson’s rules against chaos by Harley J Sims, MercatorNet

Jordan Peterson: On lobsters, hierarchy, and listening by Kenneth Primrose, Theos

Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro: Leftist chaos is forcing people to ‘wake up’ by Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSite

Jordan Peterson Is A Fulcrum For Right And Left’s Switch On Free Expression,By Nathan Pinkoski, The Federalist

Cathy Newman’s interview with Jordan Peterson: How civil discourse is at risk, Knife Media

Jordan Peterson: political saviour or false god? by Andrew Doyle and Luke Gittos, spiked

What pastors could learn from Jordan Peterson by Alastair Roberts

Full video: Jordan Peterson on the Channel 4 Controversy and Philosophy of “How to be in the World”

Jordan Peterson is helping disillusioned boys become men. Here’s why liberals hate that. by Jonathon van Maren, LifeSite

Pilloried for speaking sense? He says the unsayable on political correctness – and for this, Canadian professor and avowed culture warrior Jordan Peterson is demonised by the Left and shouted at on TV by Dominic Sandbrook, Mailonline

Why the media just can’t handle Jordan Peterson by Joel Kurtinitis, NOQ Report

Peterson and Paglia – what a double act! by Laura Perrins, TCW

Jordan Peterson on Islam – why are we so blind to assume they are our allies?

And finally, to get some perspective:

“Jordan Peterson is a sincere, intelligent, compassionate, human being who in his search for the truth sometimes gets closer than many professing Christians… But he is not the Messiah. He is not even a follower of the Messiah. He … needs the Messiah.”

from Is Jordan Peterson the new Messiah? By David Robertson, Christian Today

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