Justine Greening Responds – The Banality of Evil

Aug 18, 2017 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

This is ‘her’ response:

Dear David Robertson

Thank you for your email of 25th July to Justine Greening. I have been asked to respond on her behalf.

We want transgender people to be healthy and happy and to live their lives free from discrimination and distress. We know many transgender people feel the current gender recognition system is inaccessible, intrusive and bureaucratic.

We know that it needs to change: that is why we are delivering on our commitment to review the Gender Recognition Act and move to a gender recognition system that works better for trans people. In line with our commitment, we will streamline the Act and remove its focus on medical checks, lifting bureaucratic burden and helping to make day-to-day life more comfortable for trans people.

Many trans people find the current focus on medical checks in the gender recognition process very intrusive and stigmatising.  That is why we are moving to a system that works better for trans people.

As a person’s gender has important legal and social consequences, we will consider carefully the impact of self-declaration in our policy development and we will consult widely on proposals to reduce medical evidence requirements.

Attaining quick, accessible and transparent legal gender recognition helps transgender people live more comfortably and free from stigma and discrimination.  This should not mean that there is a hierarchy of equality: we want all people to be safe, healthy and happy, irrespective of their gender identity.

We recognise that the provision of toilets and other single-sex or communal facilities is a particularly sensitive issue for some people.  That is why we have issued guidance for service providers to help them create comfortable, welcoming environments for all their customers. We will consult widely on the detail of proposals to change legislation and this will include with women’s groups.

Thank you again for your email, and I hope this response helps to alleviate your concerns.


Yours sincerely

Government Equalities Office

Dear Government Equalities Office, 
Thank you for the reply to my email of 25 July to Justin Greening.
It would be good to know if she actually read my email or if you are just responding in a standard format?

An Inadequate Response

You say that you “hope this response helps to alleviate your concerns”.   it doesn’t even begin to address my concerns.   In fact if you were a student answering a paper with the questions and remarks I put on it, you would receive an automatic fail for not answering the question! I have no idea who has answered my email, or who has even read it. I assume that ‘Government Equalities Office’ is not someone’s  new self-identity!   it would be nice to know that I was actually communicating with a human being who could actually bothered with what is being said.
Your letter is hopelessly inadequate and for a government department shows a lack of understanding, rationality and ability to engage with the wider issues. To be honest I found it quite patronising, superficial and depressing. Is this really the state to which government in the United Kingdom has come? This is the kind of thing that puts people off politics – when we are answered with clichés, soundbites and banal truisms rather than any empirical evidence or facts.

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