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As some readers are still having difficulty with missing pages, new posts will be linked here. (Newest at the top).  Last week’s and earlier posts may be viewed here.

PETITION: Christian Couple Refused Adoption Because They Believe Children Need a Mother and a Father – They Need Our Support

Do LGBT parents have a right to a full genetic relationship? Bio Edge

Grassroots Conservatives’ response to Andrew Turner MP’s resignation

Can conversion therapy get a fair hearing in mainstream press? Short answer: No – Get Religion

Isle of Wight MP steps down after ‘gay danger remark’ – BBC News

Brits back the right of MPs to say ‘gay sex is a sin’, Christian Institute

The Sexual Revolution and the Do-Nothing Church, Crisis Magazine

University puts abortion pills in vending machine, LifeSite

Not just an optional extra –RE that prepares children for life in the 21st Century by Derek Holloway, C of E Education Office

Heads back CofE call to ban parents withdrawing children from RE, Schools Week

Bravo to the Truth: What’s Wrong with Transgender Ideology by Walt Heyer, Public Discourse

‘Worshipping the equality-god is a dangerous thing to do….’, Gavin Ashenden

Christian prison worker to appeal Tribunal ruling over right to quote Bible in chapel service, Christian Concern

New Bishop of Llandaff appointed, Church in Wales

We all face the Farron test at some point, Father Ed’s blog

Tim Farron is a liberal who has been forced to give in to social illiberalism. And that’s not ok by James Macintyre, Christian Today

All hail Sadiq Khan’s new Ministry of Truth, spiked

Intimidation Is the New Normal on Campus, Jonathan Haidt

Shakespeare on religion: 8 quotes from the greatest English writer, Christian Today

Ban parents from pulling children out of religious education classes, Church of England says, Telegraph

It Is About Love: A Commentary on the Anglican Condition by Anne Kennedy, Patheos

High Court to rule on Christian student declared unfit to practice as a social worker because of ‘traditional’ views on homosexuality, Telegraph

Why Tim Farron’s comment on gay sex lets the Church down, Premier

In this election, Christians should deploy the power of the cross by Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

On not being convinced – A review of the report from the Theological Forum of the Church of Scotland by Martin Barrett Davie

Ann Widdecombe: Tim Farron’s being bullied over beliefs, Daily Express

The Benedict Option—not radical enough, LifeSite

Hate-crime probe after Koran reading in Glasgow cathedral, Glasgow Evening Times

Bp Guernsey response to Truro Church, Anglican Ink

A Statement on Truro from Archbishop Foley Beach, Anglican Ink

The cruel hounding of Tim Farron is bloodsport for secularists, Spectator

TRURO, VA: Truro Anglican Church Announces Property Reconciliation with TEC Diocese of Virginia by David Virtue, VOL

GAFCON contemplates missionary bishop to support UK malcontents, Church Times

GAFCON response to Daily Mail report on a flying bishop for Britain, Anglican Ink

BBC’s ‘bold and provocative’ Gay Britannia set to rule the airwaves, Pink News

Redefining marriage? EU Court to rule on national marriage laws, ADF

Transgender students should not have to declare birth gender when applying to university sports teams, NUS expected to rule, Telegraph

Anglican Unscripted #283 – The Rebel Alliance with Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden

Church of Ireland set to vote on Pastoral Acceptance of Same-Sex Unions by Alan McCann, VOL

Reformation Anglicanism: A Vision for Today’s Global Communion: Book Review by David Virtue

Want to solve the crisis facing England’s cathedrals? Here is one answer by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today

Canon Lawrence D. Bausch to Lead Forward in Faith North America, VOL

It is not Tim Farron’s private beliefs that bother me, Laura Perrins, TCW

Teacher Labels Kids’ Notebooks With LGBT Stickers, Demands Students Remove Cross Necklaces, Charisma

Even in Canada, Conservative Churches Are Growing, Christianity Today

New study threatens midwives’ freedom of conscience on abortion, CMF

Exposing the darkness within: Domestic violence and Islam, ABC

Education Secretary: Faith schools must find ‘common ground’ on LGBT issues, Pink News

Church of England cathedrals could be forced to charge for entry or face closure, IB Times

Right to Life: where do party leaders currently stand?, Archbishop Cranmer

Congo sacks British canon over gay marriage, Anglican Ink

Churchgoer Michael Gove slams Tim Farron for hiding behind his faith after the Lib Dem leader fails AGAIN to say gay sex is not a sin, Mailonline

Plans for new bishop to defend traditional marriage stance, Premier

The gay dads getting rich from rent-a-wombs, Mail on Sunday

St George’s Day 2017: Why England should celebrate their patron saint, Metro

Celebrating St George’s Day

African and Asian church leaders threaten to ‘plant’ a bishop in Britain to defy Welby on gay Christians, Mailonline

The political elite have undermined the family. It’s time to change course by David Goodhart, Catholic Herald

Psychiatry expert: ‘scientifically there is no such thing as transgender’, LifeSite

Just Because Liberals Call Something ‘Discrimination’ Doesn’t Mean It Actually Is, by Ryan T Anderson, The Daily Signal

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