Lenten Meditations: Friday 2 March

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am: 69
pm: 39
Genesis 43: 1-15 1 Cor 7-1:9 Matt 21: 33-43, 45-46

FRIDAY OF LENT II –  St. Chad, Bishop and Monk, 673

LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY:   Chad was one of four Anglo brothers all of whom became priests, and two of whom, including St. Chad and his brother St. Cedd, became bishops. Chad was a man of modest character who helped his brother St. Cedd found a monastery in Lastingham, Yorkshire. At his brother’s death in 664 he succeeded him as abbot. Shortly afterwards, St. Wilfrid went to Gaul to be consecrated bishop of York but he remained so long that King Oswin had Chad consecrated bishop for that office. Following the example of the Apostles, Chad visited his diocese on foot, and devoted himself to ecclesiastical truth, purity of doctrine and the practice of humility, self-denial and study.

At the arrival of St. Theodore, the newly elected Archbishop of Canterbury, Chad was asked to give up the diocese of York to St. Wilfrid. Furthermore, the Archbishop found that Chad’s episcopal consecration lacked legitimizing details. Deeply impressed with Chad’s humility and holiness, the Archbishop of Canterbury supplied whatever was defective in his consecration and appointed him Bishop of Mercia which see was later moved to Lichfield. The archbishop further forbade the aging bishop to continue his visitations on foot, and himself lifted him onto his horse.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: Oft times, when we reflect on the Gospel stories of how Jesus was treated, we think… “How obtuse and narrow minded could these people have been? How could anyone standing before the Lord God himself turn away and reject that which he offers?”. Well, hindsight is the greatest insight isn’t it? However, the very statement at the heart of Gospel today is: ‘They will respect my son. After 2000 years of Christian witness, a witness that gave birth to education, health care, music, care for the disenfranchised, we still have aa world that doesn’t respect the Father’s Son and in fact may be antagonistic towards him. It might well be that to imagine what would happen if Jesus came into our world today could range from the ridiculous (he would be ignored and marginalized) to the macabre (new ways for him to suffer). We know why the Son is rejected both in the parable and in our human history. Simply put his message is about the Kingdom of God. This puts Jesus him in direct opposition to so many of us who are building our own kingdoms. Some pertain to our family, our work even the church! Jesus message is against our kingdoms and he would be an enemy we need to dispose of. So, this Lent will we surrender to build up his vineyard or our own?


PRAYER OF THE DAY:  Lord, though I cannot see you with my eyes, I believe you are present to me now, in my innermost being, and that you know me far better than I know myself. I also know that you love me much more than I love my own self. Thank you for loving and watching over me, though I don’t deserve your love. In return, I offer you my sorrow for my sins and my hopes to love you more each day. AMEN


Lenten Discipline  Share your faith with someone today, perhaps a family member who doesn’t go to church or a co-worker who yearns for something more.  Consider a clear public witness that will compel people to ask what kingdom you are about?


ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE: “When you argue against Him you are arguing against the very power that makes you able to argue at all: it is like cutting off the branch you are sitting on: ― C.S. Lewis,

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