Lenten Meditations: Friday 5 March

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Mar 5
am 69
pm: 73
Jere 5:1-9 Rom 2:25-3:18 John 5:30-47


FRIDAY OF  LENT II:  St. Kieran/ Ciaran of Saigher, Monk and Bishop,   4th Century

LITURGICAL THEME OF THE DAY: Today in the west we mark the date for St. Kieran, a 4th Century saint from the south of County Cork.  He left Ireland before the arrival of St. Patrick. Already a Christian, and of royal Ulster blood, he had determined to study for the Church; hence, he secured an education at Tours and Rome. On his return from France, he built himself a little cell in the woods of Upper Ossory. He was ordained a bishop and on his homeward journey, he met St. Patrick who instructed Kieran to travel until he came to a well where he should found a monastery. Patrick gave him a bell, which was not to ring until such a time as Kieran reached the correct well. He at last reached a well called Uaran, where he built his monastery known as Saighir-Kiaran, which is in County Ofally. His monastery flourished and he ordained many holy men to the priesthood. He was not content to preach to the native Irish but also spent time in Cornwall, Brittany, Wales and Scotland. The name St. Kieran is still remembered in many of these places with gratitude.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: We live in  the age of Fake News whereas a result the world has many different points of view as to what truth is.  Amidst the chaos, pandemic and fear it is increasingly challenging to discern God’s word and truth. Social Media has created a world where it is difficult to see and hear something and determine if it is true.


Even the Sacred Scriptures is suspect for political correctness thus suggesting that is may not be a viable offering of God’s word because it offends basic sensibilities. Despite that when we consider what Jesus faced in similar circumstances as illustrated in this text from John,  we must ponder will we seek God’s word  from the richness of Scripture or from snippets of Snap Chat? Can we declare despite the social critiques that God’s truth is alive and well. We cannot afford to be closer to the Pharisees on this than not because  only seeking the truth that serves your purposes through scripture  will result in missing the truth about Him To uses the words of Jesus to justify a position but fail to apprehend them for salvation is the ultimate Fake News.


PRAYER OF THE DAY:  God our Father, teach us to find truth  through the study, marking, reading and digesting of your Holy Word. Keep us  free from the moment  of extrapolating  your words for our purposes , and help us live by your commandments,  we ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen


ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE:  “But in learning the Faith and in professing it, acquire and keep that only, which is now delivered to thee by the Church, and which has been built up strongly out of all the Scriptures .  – St. Cyril of Jerusalem


Lenten DisciplineHave you ever given a copy of the Scriptures with another person. Consider people in your life seeking, truth, solace  or direction and give to them a gift of the Scriptures .


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