Lenten Meditations: Second Sunday of Lent

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Feb 25
am: 119- 1-16
pm:119:17-40 84
Gen 17: 1-7, 15-16 Romans 4:13-25 Mark 8:31-38


SECOND SUNDAY OF LENT (in the West, First in the East)


LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY:  The Second Sunday of Lent Continues the liturgical trajectory for the Sacraments of Initiation as today’s readings focus on turning toward Jesus Christ. The Churches that follow the Rites of Christian Initiation for Adults culminating at the Great Vigil of Easter have special attention is given in the liturgy to the Penitential Rites. While we in the West observe the Second Sunday of Lent and Penitential reflection, our brothers in the Eastern Rites mark the First Sunday of Lent in what is known as The Sunday of Orthodoxy. This commemoration dates back to the Iconoclastic Controversy in the 8th Century and has been commemorated on this day since 843. It was in 843 that the iconoclastic controversy, which had torn at the fabric of the Eastern Church since 726, was finally laid to rest, and icons and their veneration were restored on the first Sunday in Lent. Ever since, this Sunday has been commemorated as the “Triumph of Orthodoxy.” Of course, the Triumph of Orthodoxy should be marked in every church that claims the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith.


MEDITATION OF THE DAY:  The gospel reading revolves around a misunderstanding that Jesus had with Peter — when he seeks to give them perspective on what is to come telling them that the Son of man must go through great suffering and be rejected. Peter of course is in denial as he will be during the final hours of Jesus’ life. At the very least it is safe to assume that Peter had a very different view of the cost of discipleship than Jesus. Of course, that is true of most of us when we are faced with paying a significant price for the treasure that this faith is. Peter is a paradigm for most of us. He wants to follow and would like it to go as smoothly as possible. However, Jesus addresses that once and for all in Mark 8:34 He called the crowd with his disciples, and said to them, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. The reality is we all have a choice. That choice does not include the depth and magnitude of the weight of the cross. The breath and scope could seem overwhelming and so avoidance of suffering for the sake of the Gospel seems wise nut Jesus forewarns us that whoever would seek to save his life will lose it. This response to discipleship is a matter of trust, humility and vulnerability, not to lose who we are but to discover a new who we are as creations in Christ Jesus. Onward to the Cross could be the joyful cry of Lent in our witness to the faith in this Holy Season.


PRAYER OF THE DAY:  Lord Jesus, you called for radical discipleship in a confused world and brought us the gift of faith and salvation. Help me to take up the Cross each day and joyfully bear the name ‘Christian.’ Teach me to follow your example. Increase my faith, hope and charity so that I may struggle to have the world behind me and the cross before me this season.   Amen

ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE: “Do not seek the perfection of the law in human virtues, for it is not found perfect in them. Its perfection is hidden in the Cross of Christ.”- -St. Hesychius

Lenten Discipline Seek out a person in your life who it would be a struggle for you to help even if they are in dire need. Perhaps it is to take them to grocery, assist with their taxes or just take 15 mins to talk to them. Take up a burden today that will lift up another person.

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