Lenten Meditations: Thursday 1 March

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Mar 1
am: 70, 71
pm: 74
Gen 42:29-38 1 Cor 6:12-30 Mark 4:21-34

THURSDAY OF LENT IISaint David of Wales, Monk and Archbishop, 589

LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY: Today we remember the life of David of Wales, born near Capel Non (Non’s chapel) on the South-West Wales coast near the present city of Saint David. He was educated in a monastery called Hen Fynyw, his teacher being Paulinus, who while there received a vision for mission in his monastery in the Rhos Valley, his preaching evangelized and those who were not yet Christians and was instrumental in bringing many to the faith as he engaged in missionary work founding many monasteries, including his principal abbey in southwestern Wales. In 550, David attended the synod at Brevi in Cardiganshire. His contributions at the synod are said to have been the major cause for his election as primate of the Cambrian Church.


MEDITATION OF THE DAY:   In this passage from Genesis, one cannot help but be struck by the situation Jacob finds himself in. Jacob, the deceiver discovers that he is now also the deceived concerning his son Joseph with no apparent hope of seeing him again. Despite a plan set into motion by Joseph himself to reunite the family, it is dependent on his brothers coming clean, reconciling the reality of their life to their father ( and to God). By this time in his life, Jacob is fearful of losing another Son. It is not just fear of course it is also a lack of faith in the promises of God. He his life and holding onto the things he can hold onto. The idea of God’s promises are far off. This is something many of us can relate to as we often forget God’s promises to us both in good times and not so good times. In this passage, we see how an incident of gravity can ravage a soul. Despite the fact, that Jacob had personally seen the Lord he allowed the miseries inflicted by others to overcome the faith he should have possessed in the one who is the author of all to begin with. Yes, he was asked to give much in sending Benjamin to Egypt but in the Lord’s promises, what was being offered far surpasses what was being asked. This story reminds us that oft times it is hard to see beyond ourselves and our hurts and wants in living the Christian life.


PRAYER OF THE DAY:   Lord please remove any and every obstacle and all doubt that I may have that is preventing me from being in a relationship with you. Gracious Lord, guide me without a sense of fear in my heart or mind and that the walls that may exist there come down. Lord Help me to see the world, that can be through trusting in you. In Christ’s name. Amen


Lenten Discipline Take time today to consider reconciliation with those people who you feel have deceived you or whom you have been deceptive with and ask for God’s grace to discover the way forward.



ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE: Faith is a reasoning trust, a trust which reckons thoughtfully and confidently upon the trustworthiness of God. – John R. Stott

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