Lenten Meditations: Tuesday 6 March

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Mar 6
am: 78:1-39
pm: 78:40-72
Proverbs 8:32-9-1 1 Cor 7:32-40 Mark 6:1-13

TUESDAY OF LENT III: 42 Martyrs of Amorion in Phrygia , 845

LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY:   They were taken captive when Amorion in Phrygia fell to the Muslims in 838, during the reign of Emperor Theophilus. Many of them were officers, and because of their status and reputation, their captors, rather than kill them, attempted to convert them to Islam. The forty-two were kept in a miserable dungeon in Syria, where they were alternately promised the highest honors and privileges if they would convert and threatened with the most horrible consequences if they refused. This continued for seven full years, but none would deny his faith in Christ. Finally, unable to shake their faith, their captors beheaded them all in 845

MEDITATION OF THE DAY:  The Book of Proverbs as the OT lesson comes to us from the Greek Orthodox lectionary for the saints ascribed for today., In this book we are introduced a new to the gift of Wisdom who seeks to move us and touch us for the sake of God’s own. It is one of the sevenfold gifts fo the Holy Spirit that is intended to touch the depths of our heart and soul. The question this chapter seeks to offer us is simple: are we listening? Some mystics of the church in the Eastern tradition have maintained that wisdom is always speaking, and we must take the time to hear what is being said. In this chapter we are reminded f the benefits of heading the counsel of Wisdom, but one cannot heed what one does not hear.

PRAYER OF THE DAY: Speak Lord, your servant is listening. Speak to me I pray you this day in ways that I can understand. Give me the will to slow down, quiet myself, and listen. In that listening give me the grace to do what I am asked to do, and I receive the benefits of it. Let me walk in Your Word, walk in Your will, walk in Your way all my days.  Amen


Lenten Discipline –   Reflect on the challenges and choices you have in your life. Ask God’s wisdom to fill you. Make a list of as many benefits as you can for those times you did discern and respond to the call of wisdom. List those times and the consequences when you did not abide by wisdom.


ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE: Do not reckon as a truly wise man that one whose mind is subject to fear on account of temporal life.”- + St. Isaac the Syrian, ( from  “Six Treatises on the Behaviour of Excellence”. ),

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