Lenten Meditations: Wednesday 21 February 2024

Feb 21, 2024 by

am: 119:49-72 pm: 49, 53 Gen 37:25-36 1 Cor 2:1-13 Mark 1:29-45

Feb 21

LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY:  Peter Damian, Monk and Reformer 1021

LITURGICAL THEME FOR THE DAY: On the calendar in the Latin Rite is commemorated a very interesting person in Saint Peter Damian, the Doctor of Reform and Renewal. The church went through its own ‘dark ages’. Peter helped stamp out Simony and other scandals. God’s grace empowered him to usher in immense reform. He was a Camaldolese monk, who followed the strict rule of St Benedict. He started a reform with the expansion of his Order and enforced strict guidelines for the clergy everywhere with the authority given to him. He taught that every person be regarded as the whole church and he strove mightily in helping others in works of charity.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: This passage from Mark is filled with a great scope of the ministry of Jesus. He heals Peter’s mother-in-law. He heals many who are ill and casts out many demons. He rises early, goes to a quiet place, and prays Jesus set this example of prayer being the pattern for any ministry.  Jesus gets up while it is dark and goes to a secluded place to pray. Do not underestimate what He does, or the example He sets of starting a day with a time of prayer – or the value of a place to be alone with God where no one will interrupt you. Each of us is called to witness Christ and to effect that witness perhaps finding a secluded place will apply to us in different ways because our situations are unique. But let’s take to heart the immense value of even just a brief quiet time with God as we seek to live in his model. Prayer sets or resets, tunes or retunes our thinking, our feelings, our focus as it did for the Lord.

PRAYER OF THE DAY: Heavenly Father, we pray that we who are called your children will truly grow in spirituality– that we will display a willing spirit when praying mindful of family, friends, fellow believers, co-workers, and the world. We pray for the grace to live lives that display to the world what it’s like to be a Christian so that we might be effective witnesses to your love. Help us to reflect a Christ-like prayerfulness so that we may bring honor and glory to your name. Amen

LENTEN LYRICS: Lord Teach Us How to Pray Aright

LENTEN DISCIPLINE Try to dedicate to a cylcle of prayer this day. Praying in the morning, noon, evening and night. Consider being mindful of where you are on the journey in the following areas: a) Your language and speech b) Your thoughts, c) your use of time d) your sense of self concerning others.

ANCIENT WISDOM/PRESENT GRACE:  “The whole reason why we pray is to be united into the vision and contemplation of God to whom we pray.”– Julian of Norwich


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