Letter to Secretary of State for Education urges delay in implementation of mandatory RSE curriculum

Feb 24, 2021 by

from Coalition for Christian Education:

Dear Secretary of State,

We write from the CCFE representing a broad coalition of groups engaged in education, established in 2016.

The commencement date for RSE/RSHE to be implemented fully in the curriculum was originally scheduled for September 2020. You permitted, very wisely and prudently if we may say, its full implementation in schools to be delayed until the summer term of this year 2021 given the difficulties many schools faced with compliance, especially with the mandatory parental consultation because of the extraordinary circumstances of the first national lockdown of schools from March 2020.

We now face a further national lockdown with at present an unspecified end and the need for all schools to implement changed procedures for exams, and institute complex programmes for testing of staff and pupils.

Many of our members and contacts work in, lead or govern schools, and have direct experience of what all this means in terms of pressures on staff, resources and the curriculum.

We would request that the wise policy of postponement of RSE be extended until the start of the next academic year September 2021, for the reasons listed below. To require implementation by the summer term would place parents, pupils and schools under unconscionable strain and potentially cause the implementation of RSE to fail and so undermine any long term purpose in its programme.

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