Liberals have made ‘homophobia’ a completely meaningless word

Dec 6, 2017 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite:

Christians are not commanded to simply “tolerate” their neighbors, they are commanded to love their neighbors—and love, in the Christian tradition, is not simply a feeling of warmth or affection, it is quite literally to desire the other’s good.

Progressives, however, do not mean that we should all tolerate people—they mean that everyone must tolerate behaviors and lifestyles, regardless of whether some believe those lifestyles and behaviors to be harmful, and thus incompatible with desiring the other’s good.

One example of this trend is how Christians in North America are being smeared with the “homophobia” label.

Being labeled “homophobic” today doesn’t actually mean that you fear or hate gay people. What it simply means is that you disagree some parts of the LGBTQ agenda, whether that be gay “marriage” or transgender pronouns or religious liberty. In fact, you can have friends or family members who are members of this community that you know and love, and this doesn’t matter—the question is, will you give unqualified support to the entire political agenda of this particular movement, regardless of your own sincerely-held beliefs?

If not—bigot!

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