London newspaper reveals ‘shocking evidence’ about transgender treatments

Jan 17, 2021 by

by Michael Cook, Bio Edge:

After a legal battle The Mail on Sunday has published what it called “shocking evidence” about transgender medicine which led a High Court judge to ban a government gender clinic from prescribing puberty-blockers.

The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) clinic in London, also known as the Tavistock Centre, began prescribing these for children under 16 in 2011. In December the clinic was forced to stop after the Court ruled that it was “very doubtful” that youngsters could give informed consent.

Swedish psychiatrist Christopher Gillberg testified that the use of puberty blockers is basically “a live experiment” on vulnerable children. “In my years as a physician,” he wrote, “I cannot remember an issue of greater significance for the practice of medicine. We have left established evidence-based clinical practice and are using powerful life-altering medication for a vulnerable group of adolescents and children based upon a belief.”

According to the newspaper, the evidence of Gillberg and other experts was that:

  • Puberty-halting drugs can harm a patient’s brain and bone development;
  • Clinics are urging gender-changing teen girls to choose sperm donors to fertilise eggs before freezing them;
  • Medics are failing to warn about the infertility risks posed by puberty blockers;
  • Children who regret treatment find themselves “locked” into new bodies;
  • Internet sites persuade autistic children that they are transgender when they simply have “identity issues”.

The Tavistock centre has had a 60-fold increase in requests for its services over the past 15 years. Judges were told that there had been a steep rise in the number of girls aged 12 to 17 requesting help and that they outnumbered biological males wanting to transition by two to one.

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