Lost in trangenderism: identity politics will not win youth votes for the Tories

Oct 28, 2017 by

from The Spectator:

[…]  A Conservative government’s approach to issues of race, gender and sexuality should be one of straightforward liberalism. It should loudly assert that all people are equal, whatever their religious or ethnic background. It should be defending the right of people to have no government interference in their private lives. At the same time, it should be defending the right to religious freedom and free speech, while showing intolerance of bullying of any kind.

The agenda being followed by this government is something quite different. Ministers are simply pandering to whichever pressure group shouts loudest. It would be absurd to have GPs demanding information about our sexual preferences, while the census fails to collect data on how many men and women there are in Britain. The latter, surely, is information fundamental to planning for future public services and predicting future population growth. The former is none of the government’s business. The only reason it has got itself into such a bizarre position is that in the first instance it listened to that branch of the LGBT lobby which sees data as a means of furthering its objectives; while in the second it listened to that section of the trans lobby which wants the concepts of ‘male’ and ‘female’ eradicated for good.

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