Male rape victims would be harmed by ‘conversion therapy’ ban

Jan 16, 2020 by

by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern:

Last Monday, a PhD student from Indonesia living in Manchester was jailed for life for 159 sexual offences, including 136 rapes of men, in Manchester Crown Court. The police identified 48 victims but have been appealing for the many more they have hitherto failed to track down. The police have told the press that they believe he may have targeted up to 195 men. The Crown Prosecution Service told the BBC that he is the ‘most prolific’ rapist ever in recorded legal history in the UK, if not the entire world, leading to the largest rape inquiry in British history.

Clubbers targeted with ‘chemsex’ drug

Sinaga lived in a flat near Manchester’s Gay Village, where he had often socialised himself given that he was openly gay. Since his residence was also near many other nightclubs, he was in a suitable location to carry out deliberate targeting of victims – something police believe may go back 10 years. He used to watch for young men leaving bars and clubs to lure them to his flat, all the while offering them help to sit down and have a drink.

Detectives inferred from available evidence that once back in his flat he would spike their drinks with GHB, an illegal Class C drug widely used in the gay scene. The victims became unconscious as a result and therefore mostly had no memory of being attacked. However, evidence of Sinaga’s crimes came to light when one victim recovered consciousness whilst being raped and hit back at him. Initially, he was arrested for assault and Sinaga played the victim, having been sent to hospital for his wounds. However, the victim had taken Sinaga’s mobile phone, which turned out to have videos of his crimes. On this basis he was arrested.

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