Martyn Percy falls foul of Marxist conformism in the Church of England

Jun 11, 2020 by

by Julian Mann, Anglican Ink:

Though he has a track record of high-profile campaigning for political correctness in the Church of England, the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, Martyn Percy, has been inclined to go off message. Is this the reason the increasingly Marxist CofE establishment has turned against him?

The British satirical and investigative magazine Private Eye has reported  on the decision by the CofE’s National Safeguarding Team to set up a ‘core group’  to investigate Percy, who is both head of Oxford University’s most prestigious college and senior resident cleric at the city’s cathedral, for alleged safeguarding failures. Percy’s enemies among the academics (called Censors) at Christ Church are the complainants.

According to Private Eye: ‘The dean himself is not represented on the Core Group, and not allowed to know who is on it or when it meets. But two of the complainants from the college, including Senior Censor Geraldine Johnson, are members. It is hard to see what the group can achieve. It can’t question the students whose safeguarding issues the dean allegedly mishandled, since they did not make any complaints and their identity is not known. It can’t ask the dean, since the students spoke to him in confidence.’

The Eye concluded: ‘The National Safeguarding Team has now asked Dean Percy to stand down during the inquiry, even though nobody believes he poses a risk to anyone. Professor Johnson has indicated that if Percy is still in post when the governing body next meets, she will put a notice on the college’s website to the effect that Christ Church’s safeguarding protocols are all robust except in respect of the dean – richly ironic, given that one of the Censors’ previous complaints about Percy was that he wanted them to take their safeguarding responsibilities more seriously.’

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