MDAS Could Pull out of ACNA if Women’s Ordination is Approved

Apr 10, 2018 by

by David Virtue, VOL:

Some bishops claim the goal of GAFCON and ACNA is to complete the Reformation. The Anglo-Catholic viewpoint and practice are being pushed out of the Church in favor of an evangelical Protestant viewpoint and practice.

The Rt. Rev. William Ilgenfritz, MDAS Bishop Ordinary, told delegates to their recent Synod that the ordination of women is symptomatic of deeper problems with the ACNA. “It is not the sole problem. I urge MDAS to keep the dialogue open for a possible exit ramp with the Polish National Catholic Church and the Nordic Catholic Church via the Scranton Union.”

Ilgenfritz reported from the recent [ACNA] College of Bishops meeting on the Task Force Report on the Ordination of Women that the bishops requested a moratorium on the ordination of women to the priesthood in ACNA, as such ordinations are a divisive issue in ACNA. The request was rebuffed, he said.

“Orthodox bishops were told to ‘love it or leave for Rome.’ Furthermore, the Primate of South Sudan secretly ordained women contrary to his own constitution and canons in direct defiance of the moratorium by GAFCON and kept it secret for two years. Women’s ordination is not the only problem with ACNA.

“Another objection is a Calvinist bishop, namely, one who affirms the sovereignty of God but denies the free will response of the sinner to God’s offer of atonement through grace. Such a position claims that grace is irresistible.” One congregation is practicing Credo baptism and denying infant baptism, he said.

The College of Bishops has not yet made a decision on Women’s Ordination, also called “dual integrity.”

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