Meet The Family Where Mom Is Dad, Dad Is Mom And 4-Year-Old Son Is Raised As Gender Neutral

Sep 13, 2017 by

by Daniel Pike, Providr:

British couple Nikki and Louise Draven are one of Britain’s first families to raise their child, Star Cloud, in a completely gender fluid environment. Louise (Star’s Mom) was born as a man and is currently undergoing hormone therapy to successfully transition into a woman. Nikki (Star’s Dad) identifies as both male or female, and transitions between genders on a day-by-day basis.

Both parents wish to raise Star in an environment that is neutral and fluid, straying from traditional gender roles. They allow Star to choose whatever clothing and toys he wants, or wear any colors he likes.

Nikki and Louise met at an LGBT meet-up in 2011 and found that they shared very similar views about family and gender. The two of them wish to provide Star with the freedom of choice they wished they had while growing up in their homes. They want Star to be able to choose his own gender when he is older.

Louise and Nikki want to raise Star in as ordinary a home as possible, but neither of them put much stock into gender roles defined by society.

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