MP has shared her concerns at encouraging young girls going through puberty to consider the fact they are not ‘women’

Jul 16, 2020 by

by Jessica Rach, Mailonline:

An MP has shared her concerns at transgender lobby groups encouraging young girls going through puberty to consider the fact they are not ‘women’, and called for them consider their care of duty when offering the use of puberty blockers for trans children.

Conservative MP for Thurrock and former health minister, Jackie Doyle-Price, addressed the speech she made in the House of Common on International Women’s Day in March, during which she criticised the availability of transgender interventions and gender reassignment treatment for girls ‘well below the age of majority’.

Speaking on womens’ rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen’s Woman By Definition Podcast, Jackie said that far from promoting equality, the transgender movement is making things worse by trying to put a label on children’s gender identities.

She explained: ‘It’s really regressive that we’ve almost re-adopted gender stereotyping and almost turned it into a science, to the extent that girls going growing up – and we all know going through puberty is not a pleasant time and some girls will feel very uncomfortable with their bodies.

‘And the fact this movement is encouraging them to think “Well, you might not really be a girl” in childhood, I just think is so dangerous. And we just need to give children the chance to grow up.’

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Protect Gender Dysphoric Children from the Affirmation Model.  Legal campaign crowdfunder by Keira Bell:  I’m an ex patient of Gender Identity Clinics where I was prescribed dangerous, experimental drugs and received a double mastectomy procedure. I am fighting to stop this from happening to minors.



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