MSPs forced to hear proposal on legalising incest in Scotland

Dec 20, 2017 by

By Sam Shedden, Scotsman:

MSPs will be forced to hear a proposal to legalise incest at the Scottish Parliament tomorrow.
Holyrood’s Public Petitions Committee will once again hear Richard Morris’ appeal to “decriminalise incest between persons of legal age of consent, and grant people in adult consensual incestuous relationships the same right to marry as all other consenting adults.”

In January last year, members took one minute to throw out a similar submission, noting there was “no indication at all” of support for such a change.

Morris is believed to be based in Australia and is unlikely to meet before MSPs when they consider the matter on Thursday. 
In a written statement he wrote: “Essentially, I am writing this to the Members of the Scottish Parliament, to tell you all how wrong you are about us, how badly people like us are misunderstood, and how ignorance and prejudice are effecting our lives.
“I do this because although many respond to us with disgust and fear, I believe we are a valid and essential contribution towards understanding human sexuality.”

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