New report reveals changing attitudes to death and dying

Nov 29, 2023 by

from Christian Today:

A new report by Theos think tank has revealed changing attitudes towards death and dying.

The study, ‘Love, Grief and Hope’, contains data compiled from YouGov on behalf of the think tank which finds that only 47% of Brits want any kind of funeral, with financial pressures a strong consideration.

The report said, “This is not a neutral trend, but may have significant implications for how effectively grief is managed across society … In a society which generally tries to push death away, the funeral is one of the few places where it is explicitly acknowledged.”

In his foreward to the report, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, said it was “shocking to discover that death may be seen as expensive, time-consuming and irrelevant, and that it is better just to move on”.

“A sea-change in our culture means that as people around us are increasingly sheltered from the physical reality of death, they know less and less about how they will die and how to cope with loss,” he said, as he warned people against avoiding the topic.

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