New song based on Galatians 5-6: ‘Come Holy Spirit, guide the way’

Apr 5, 2019 by

[Editor’s note: Well-known author Tim Chester is increasingly turning his hand to penning devotional songs]:

Here’s a new song I’ve written with Rob Spink which is based on Galatians 5-6. We wanted to write something on the fruit of the Spirit which didn’t feel too much like a list and, even more importantly, set the fruit in their wider context. 

Come Holy Spirit, guide the way,

and lead us to the Son, we pray.

With Christ we have been crucified,

no longer slaves to sin and pride.

From selfishness we’ve been set free

to humbly serve each other’s needs.


2. Come Holy Spirit, grow in us,

the fruit of love and joy and peace,

May we be gentle, kind and true,

reflecting Christ in all we do.

And grant us grace and self-control;

restore our lives and make us whole.


3. Come Holy Spirit, light a fire,

in every heart breathe new desires.

Expose temptation’s empty lies,

may Jesus’ beauty fill our eyes.

And may we walk in step with you,

O Spirit, come, our love renew.


4. Come Holy Spirit, fill our hearts,

your life and power to us impart.

Our only boast is Jesus Christ,

his all-sufficient sacrifice.

May worldly honour fade and dim,

eclipsed by holy love for him.

[More from the Editor – I found it difficult to resist having a go at adding another verse of my own, addressing the role of the Christian in the world…]:

Come Holy Spirit, as we kneel

before your throne, give us the steel

to stand for truth when things aren’t right,

with faith against the devil’s might;

resisting comfort’s siren call,

proclaiming Jesus over all.

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