New Zealand Assisted Dying Bill comes into force on November 7

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From Church Times:


I live in a most secular nation (New Zealand), where the parliament has agreed to an assisted-dying Bill, sponsored by a minority party. Our House of Representatives and the majority government based their decision on the result of a referendum taken at the same time as the last General Election in 2020. Those in favour were 65 per cent of voters. The Bill comes into force on 7 November.

In a salutary piece of information recently, I learned that doctors assisting the death of pertinent patients in New Zealand would receive the sum of $1087.20 (that is £564.74 at today’s rates) to bring about the death of these people. I was shocked…

…today… people demand the right to end their own lives, owing to pain and debilitation, principally because they believe that they have the authority to deal with their own body as they would wish. This is a matter that some theologians have failed to address, in my opinion……..

The advances in modern medicine mean that most people in extremis may be helped by powerful drugs and other therapies. These medicines have been developed by the skills of human beings who employ God-given intelligence to help them to respond to human need. They are a gift.

Why then, do we need the State-sanctioned slaughter, when assistance is generally available? I pray that the UK will not follow the way taken by New Zealand.

Charles Tyrell (The Very Rev)
Nelson 7011
New Zealand

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