Nicola Sturgeon’s gender reforms blamed for SNP losing 40pc of its membership

Mar 18, 2023 by

by Simon Johnson, Telegraph:

Nicola Sturgeon has denied the SNP is in crisis as the party was forced to admit that more than 40 per cent of its members have quit and her self-ID gender reforms were blamed for a recent mass exodus.

After weeks of refusing to provide the figure, the SNP said only 72,186 members were eligible to vote in the leadership contest – a drop of more than 50,000 on the 125,000 total the Nationalists boasted of in 2019.

In an astonishing decline, the total is believed to have dropped by more than 10,000 in this year alone as Ms Sturgeon became embroiled in a toxic political scandal over her self-ID gender reforms.

The membership tally also represents a drop of more than 30 per cent (31,698) on the last published count of 103,884 at the end of 2021, barely 14 months ago.

Ms Sturgeon insisted her 89-year-old party was experiencing “growing pains” during the contest.

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