OfficeMax refuses to print poster for event exposing homosexual agenda

Nov 3, 2017 by

by Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSite:

An Office Depot subsidiary has refused to print a poster advertising a talk by LifeSiteNews’ Peter LaBarbera.

Rob Pue, the publisher of Wisconsin Christian News, who has used the services of the Marshfield, Wisconsin, branch of OfficeMax since July, asked for posters to be made from two computer files, one advertising LaBarbera’s November 16 talk, “The Homosexual Agenda Exposed.”

After an OfficeMax employee assured Pue that his posters would be done by 10 a.m. the next day, Pue received an email from store manager Jeff Schweiger saying the LaBarbera poster could not be done. When Pue asked if there was a problem with the file, he received the following email from the print supervisor:

Good morning Rob,

Unfortunately we will not be able to print the contents of the poster for Peter Labarbera.

The contents of the poster falls under the prohibited guidelines of our company’s Duplication procedures. We will be able to print the second request for the Veterans poster.

“Thank you for your understanding and let me know if you would like for me to proceed with your second request.

Jeffry A. Costigan

Print Supervisor|Office Depot, INC.

1629 N. Central Ave, Marshfield, WI. 54449

[phone number and email redacted]

Pue told Costigan to go ahead with the second poster and asked for a copy of the “prohibited guidelines.” Instead, Pue told LifeSiteNews, Costigan wrote that he stood by “the decision not to duplicate” Pue’s material.

“Please CANCEL my order for the other poster,” Pue wrote in response. “Our attorneys have already been notified as well as national and international media. In fact, we have a British TV network coming to our event TODAY, so we will be sharing this situation with ALL the Media.

“Our attorneys have stated this is a clear-cut case of blatant discrimination and an open and shut case. There will be protests and a national rallying cry over this decision.

“We are closely affiliated with a national radio network and international media organization. We will spread the word about your policies and refusal of service.

“If Christian bakers, photographers, florists, etc. are not allowed to refuse service, neither is OfficeMax.”

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