Ofsted chief attacks Church for preventing inspections of Sunday schools

Feb 2, 2018 by

by Camilla Turner, Telegraph:

The head of Ofsted has attacked the Church for preventing inspections of Sunday schools.

Amanda Spielman, the chief inspector, said it is a “matter of regret” that the Church of England blocked changes to the law that would have allowed out-of-school provisions to be inspected.

She called on ministers to update legislation and give Ofsted more powers to scrutinize settings where children are educated outside of school hours, in order to protect them from being indoctrinated by extreme religious views.

Speaking at the Church of England’s Foundation for Educational Leadership annual conference, Ms Spielman said Ofsted must be able to inspect out-of-school provisions – such as Sunday schools and Bible clubs – so that “the small minority of settings that promote extremism are not able to evade scrutiny”.

“There are segments of particular faiths who are determined to use our schools to promote beliefs and practices that are an anathema to British values,” she said.

“If we are to tackle this practice effectively, we will require changes to legislation to give us better powers.”

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