Praying away the straight

Dec 4, 2017 by

from Anglican Samizdat:

I expect that anyone at all interested in the implosion of Western Anglicanism is aware that Rev. Kelvin Holdsworth, a homosexual Scottish vicar, has caused ripples of discontent in non-liberal Anglican circles – although, at this point there can only be one non-liberal Anglican circle left in the UK; perhaps only a semi-circle – by suggesting we pray that Prince George become gay. Or perhaps that he is already gay, since we are told, incessantly, that the condition is genetic. Come to think of it, the latest fad is that gender is fluid so Holdsworth must be exhorting us to pray for a homoerotic congealing.

Now Holdsworth has come up with a clarification. He tells us:

The debate about the church and sexuality will go on. I’m not interested in continuing it through a conversation about Prince George. I would urge others, those who agree with me strongly and those who disagree with me strongly to turn our attentions to the actual matter at hand.

Utter twaddle.

First of all, if he isn’t interested in continuing talking about Prince George, why drag him into the arena of his erotic yearnings in the first place? Holdsworth, suddenly overcome with pious concern for the prince, has, in reality, been forced by over-exposure to curtail furthering his grubby schemes through the sexualising of a four-year-old.

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