Princess PC versus the colonisation of the curriculum

Mar 2, 2019 by

by David Robertson, Spectator Australia:

Were you aware that the curriculum of our universities has been colonized? Apparently this is a serious problem and we need to decolonise as quickly as possible – according to a report commissioned by the Office for Students in the United Kingdom which recommends that universities should decolonise the curriculum to end the dominance of Western values and beliefs.

It’s an idea which has been welcomed by Meghan Markle – although why Princess PC’s opinion on academic institutions should be considered significant is not immediately obvious. But then apparently you don’t need qualifications or experience in order to be able to comment or make policy on education. Angela Rayner, the UK Labour shadow secretary of education, who left school with no qualifications and has no experience of higher education, has already declared, “Our universities are too male, pale and stale and do not represent the communities that they serve or modern Britain”.

One exception to the ‘male, pale and stale’ version of academia is Kehindi Andrews, Professor of Black Studies at Birmingham City University. He recently appeared on the Moral Maze, the BBC’s excellent discussion programme, defending the call for ‘decolonisation’. In the course of this discussion he made the incredible (in that it was not credible) remark that “ “Before the Enlightenment the only part of the world that was in a Dark Age, was Europe – and Europe had to draw on other parts of the world to build its culture”.

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