Pro-LGBT Anglicans hit back at letter threatening split over US gay friendly prayer book

Apr 27, 2018 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today:

Pro-LGBT Anglicans are hitting back at suggestions the Church of England’s gay-friendly sister church in America could be booted out of the global Anglican Communion over its stance on same-sex weddings.

A hard-hitting letter from the CofE’s general secretary, William Nye, warned The Episcopal Church (TEC) in the US it could face ‘stringent consequences’ if it went ahead with plans for a gender neutral wedding service.

He said the CofE would be under pressure to ‘disassociate’ itself from its American counterpart and could lead to TEC’s position in the 80 million strong Anglican Communion being ‘untenable’.

The letter was in response to a consultation of the worldwide Communion by TEC before the proposals go before the general convention in July. The plans would change the wedding service in TEC’s Book of Common Prayer from a ‘union of husband and wife’ to a ‘union of two people’ and change the intention of marriage from being ‘for the procreation of children’ to ‘for the gift of children’ so as to be more inclusive toward same-sex couples who wanted to adopt.

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