Protecting religious freedoms in a same sex marriage state is asking the impossible

Feb 14, 2018 by

by Andrew Mullins, MercatorNet:

Today is the closing date for submissions to Australia’s Religious Freedom Review. An expert panel chaired by experienced Liberal politician Philip Ruddock will suggest further legislation to address concerns about religious freedom in the wake of the same sex marriage legislation passed at the end of 2017.

He has been given an impossible task.

It is absurd to suggest that legislation which demolishes accepted notions of marriage and family can ever be family friendly. And such legislation will inevitably impact on virtually all aspects of Australian life.

It is impossible for legislators to succeed in reconciling the natural and reasonable rights of parents to raise their children according to their own values with the demands of ideologies that would drag society into a direction where traditional moral standards are marginalised.

The issue is not that same sex marriage legislation introduces into society values completely antithetical to traditional Christian beliefs. Rather, it is that its values are antithetical to the reasonable understanding that sexual behaviour between members of the same sex is contrary to what is good for human beings and society.

This is a conclusion supported not just by religious faith but by reason.

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