‘Proud’ May calls for Australia to rush through same-sex marriage

Nov 17, 2017 by

from The Christian Institute:

Prime Minister Theresa May has urged the Australian Government to introduce same-sex marriage “very soon”.

[…] During Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Mrs May was asked by homosexual MP Iain Stewart if she welcomed the vote.


The Prime Minister said: “I am as proud as he and many others were when we passed the legislation here in this house, and made possible same-sex marriage here in the United Kingdom and I hope that the Australian government will take that vote and act on it very soon.”

The outcome was also celebrated by former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Cameron took to Twitter to say that he was “incredibly proud of legalising Same Sex Marriage in the UK & delighted that other countries are looking to do the same. G’day Australia!”

‘Slippery slope’

Thomas Pascoe, Campaign Director for the UK’s Coalition for Marriage (C4M), said it was “no surprise” to see May and Cameron celebrating the result.

“Both were instrumental in introducing this change in the UK” said Mr Pascoe, “and neither appears to regret the slippery slope that the change has led us down.”

“Indeed, Mrs May’s government is forging ahead with extremist measures which will force information on homosexual lifestyles onto children from the age of five.”

He added that the UK Government “ignored the majority of responses to their own consultation and then passed this unwanted, undemocratic legislation anyway”.

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