Request for prayers for Democratic Republic of Congo

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[From an email sent to Anglican Mainstream]:

An estimated 45 million Congolese voters will be able to cast their ballots on 23rd December 2018. In the build-up to the vote and during the campaigns, there have been a number of clashes between groups supporting rival political parties in different parts of the country. There are some areas where rebels are still disturbing and killing people. A large number of displaced people continue to look for places where they can live safely. We pray that the violence will end and not grow worse as we approach the weekend election.

The Anglican Church of Congo is among those churches assisting those affected by the conflict, though we are very limited in terms of support. So far this year we have undertaken a number of initiatives, for example:

In May we organised a Workshop with all Anglican diocesan leaders, to discuss how the Anglican Church can best be involved in peace building. This has resulted in the formation of a strategic plan which we are now implementing. In June we took part in a gathering of more than 900 leaders from different churches, on the ministry of reconciliation, and especially how the church can play a part in reducing violence during elections.

In September there was a major programme involving all Dioceses, focussing on civic education, and again the importance of playing our part in peaceful, free and fair elections. Last Sunday, 16th December, there was nationwide prayer in our churches for our country. Thank you for joining us in ongoing prayers.

Through all of this and despite deadly attacks, Ebola response activities are continuing. Health authorities have resumes efforts to fight a major Ebola outbreak in eastern Beni region.

Finally, please pray for me in my role as leader of the Commission of Justice, Peace and Reconciliation. In particular, we need funds to organize workshops on conflict prevention, gender justice (focussing on violence against women), and peace building across our Province.

Anthonio Kibwela, Provincial Secretary, Anglican Church of Congo

[Please contact Anglican Mainstream if you would like to help, or find out more from Canon Kibwela].

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