Response to the Archbishops’ statement on the Decriminalisation of Homosexual Acts

Jul 27, 2017 by

We welcome the Archbishops’ reminder that the Church of England supported ending  the criminalisation of homosexual behaviour among consenting adults, which is no more appropriate than criminalising adultery. We are also glad that they speak of homosexual people who want to follow Christ and are drawn by his love.

However, in calling people to him, Jesus speaks of his yoke and burden not ours.  He refers to the yoke or challenge of living the kind of spiritual and moral life he expects. He promises that if we follow him he shares the burden and challenge to enable us to overcome those aspects of our lives that still need to conform to his pattern and teaching. He does not comfort and console us by accepting what is unacceptable to him.

Taking such a stand, yoked with Jesus’ pattern and teaching, to live in accordance with his standards for marriage and sexuality which are plain and clear in the Bible should not be seen as passing judgement on or condemning anyone.  Why might taking a stand on God’s standards in challenge to the prevailing cultural preferences be seen as condemnation? If it is judged to be a condemnation, what is operating is not a moral approach but a political one that panders to the lobbies who will label as condemnation anything that questions their behaviour.

Canon Dr Chris Sugden (Convenor) for Anglican Mainstream

Read their statement here

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