Reuters Chairman Is Pfizer Investor And Board Member—A Serious Conflict Of Interest, Report Says

Dec 8, 2021 by

from Christianity Daily:

A new report reveals that James C. Smith, the chairman and former Chief Executive Officer of Big Media giant Reuters is in fact a top investor and board member for Big Pharma’s Pfizer, arguably the biggest COVID vaccine producer in the world today.

According to the National Pulse, Smith was elected to the Pfizer board in 2014 and joined the pharmaceutical company’s Corporate Governance and Science and Technology Committees. His positions in both global companies poses the question, is there a conflict of interest going on, as Reuters continues to defend Big Pharma and promote vaccines in the face of critics?

Smith currently serves as the chairman of the London-based charity Thomson Reuters Foundation, which is known for publishing news and information for billions of its readers. He also served as Reuters’ President, Chief Executive Officer, and on the Board of Director of Reuters since 2012 before retiring in 2020. Smith has been with Reuters since 1987, when they were still known as the Thomson Newspaper group.

Smith also oversaw legal, tax and accounting, and intellectual property and science businesses when he served as the CEO of Reuters’ professional division. He moved on to manage the North America operations for the global news organization.

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