Rival Anglican church ordains new clergy in challenge to Justin Welby

Dec 3, 2017 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today:

The Archbishop of Canterbury faces a new threat to his authority this week with a breakaway Anglican church in England set to ordain nine ministers for the first time.

Andy Lines, a ‘missionary bishop’ for conservative Anglicans rebelling against a perceived liberalism in the Church of England, will carry out the service on Thursday in east London.

The move is a direct challenge to Justin Welby as it strengthens the cause of Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) – a splinter group who have set themselves up as a rival Anglican church to the Church of England.

The decision is an escalation of a row over the Church’s approach to gay marriage and it comes after Welby rebuked Lines’ consecration as bishop outside of his authority, saying ‘cross-border interventions’ weakens the worldwide Church.

‘We recognised that there is a need for a season of repentance and renewal including where interventions may have happened without prior permission having being sought,’ a statement from the leaders of the global Anglican Communion said in October.

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