Rowling stands firm in battle against trans bullying

Jun 24, 2020 by

by Ann Farmer, The Conservative Woman:

WE’VE had another chapter in the saga of The Trans Lobby versus J K Rowling … and another victory for common sense.

The Harry Potter author is standing firm in her views on biological reality. And now her literary agents at the Blair Partnership have sensibly refused to bow to bullying over the issue – leading four of their other writers to quit.

Two of the objecting writers are Jónsdóttir, also known as Owl Fisher, and Fox Fisher – partners and non-binary trans activists who co-authored the Trans Teen Survival Guide.

They and two others quit after the Blair Partnership ‘declined to issue a statement in support of transgender rights’.

According to the Guardian, they suggested the literary agency should conduct staff training with the group All About Trans but ‘these requests weren’t met positively by the management’.

The Blair Partnership said: ‘We believe in freedom of speech for all. These clients have decided to leave because we did not meet their demands to be re-educated to their point of view.’

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