Same-Sex Parenting Research: A Critical Assessment. By Walter R. Schumm.

Sep 12, 2018 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch:

Wilberforce Publications, 2018.

In this extremely valuable and superbly researched volume everything you wanted to know about social science research and the issue of homosexual parenting can be found. Research on this topic is relatively new, for the simple reason that having numerous children being raised in same-sex households is relatively new.

But for several decades now many folks have sought to claim that children fare just as well in homosexual households as in heterosexual households – maybe even better. Now a number of studies have appeared on this matter, and many of them take the line that kids are just fine when raised by two homosexuals or two lesbians. This is the “no difference” hypothesis.

Schumm, a professor of family studies at Kansas State University, looks at this research in great detail and shows that much of it is incomplete, skewed, selective, or politicised. Says Schumm, “In this book I will examine and report those outcomes in more detail than have most scholars. The results will show, at the very least, that the situation is more complicated than many have allowed or, at the worst, that much of the way in which the research has been interpreted has been biased in favour of progressive values.”

There are six main parts to this vital volume. In Part 1 Schumm offers a very careful and thorough explanation and assessment of how social science research is done – or should be done. Indeed, one major theme found in this volume is just how much social science research is in fact biased, corrupted and politicised.

He looks in great detail at this, and asks in conclusion just what sort of research is being conducted and what is involved. For example, “Have all relevant variables been measured and tested? Have all subpopulations been studied? Have the best statistical models been tested appropriately?”

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