Sanctimonious bullying, double standards and sheer absence of humanity

May 26, 2020 by

by Melanie Phillips:

The public hysteria over Dominic Cummings, who held an unprecedented press conference today in the Downing Street garden to explain why he appeared to have broken the spirit if not the letter of the lockdown rules, is far more troubling than anything Boris Johnson’s controversial chief adviser may have done.

[…]  It’s the sheer nastiness of the public attacks on Cummings which is so very shocking. It reveals that a significant section of the public has lost all humanity and decency.

It’s absolutely no excuse to say they’re angry. Yes of course, they themselves have been making sometimes unbearably painful and difficult choices as a result of keeping within the rules. And all credit to them for that, as well as sympathy for the frequently awful situations they have faced.

But there is absolutely no excuse whatever for shouting at, intimidating and bullying Cummings at his house, doubtlessly frightening his small son, chalking insults in huge letters on the road outside and making his home, as he described it, an unsafe place for his sick family to be. Utterly shameful.  […]  Whether or not Cummings did break the rules (and whether or not he survives a row in which questions remain), such sanctimonious bullying, double standards and sheer absence of humanity suggest once again that the Covid virus is not the only sickness sweeping Britain.

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