School is no place for gender identity meddling

Dec 6, 2019 by

by Judith Nemeth, The Conservative Woman:

THE Government sets legislation, the Department for Education issues policy and education guidelines and Ofsted inspects schools. However it is ultimately parents, headteachers and teachers who carry the responsibility of educating children. Indeed, the previous Minister for Education, Damian Hinds, publicly placed this decision-making into their hands.

In August 2019, The Values Foundation sent letters to all relevant Ministers of children, schools, welfare, flagging up serious concerns and misgivings, supported by strong evidence, about promoting gender identity.  The eventual outcome was a meeting in October between TVF and the DfE’s RSE Department. We presented to them a folder of over 500 pages documenting fears and apprehensions emanating from schools and parents who had experienced the first half term of early adoption of RSE from September 2019.  The password s (all lower case): values

Whilst some of those documents evidenced highly unsuitable resources used to sexualise young children, most concerned gender identity.

The BBC Newsnight programme 25/11/2019: via @bbciplayer as well as Radio 4’s File On 4, both aired last week, focused on transgender, again highlighting this gravely concerning issue.  Whilst it is difficult to assess the numbers of de-transitioners, what was clear was the paucity of robust research. We do not have evidence of the long-term effects of puberty blockers and transitioning surgery. Neither have the reasons for the hike in numbers in those seeking transition been investigated.

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