Scottish Episcopal church votes to allow same-sex weddings

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What was the Archbishop of Canterbury thinking? A layman responds, by Daniel Leafe, Anglican Mainstream

The pain for those who are both gay and celibate, when a church changes its doctrine on marriage, by David Bennett, Christian Today

Is Justin Welby playing ‘rock, paper, scissors’ with church unity? Does he know that ‘Rock’ wins? By David Baker, Christian Today

Preventing schism in the Church of England, by James Oakley

Topical Tuesday: Justin Welby and agreeing to disagree, by Lee Gatiss, Church Society

Make up your mind, Justin: Is ACNA a province or not? by James Gibson

Anglican Unscripted #299 – Jesus was a Border-Crosser too – Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden

Welby Rebukes GAFCON, Living Church

Irish Bishop says Scottish church’s move on gay marriage ‘a way forward’ by Patsy McGarry, Irish Times

Scottish primus defends gay marriage vote from Anglican Ink

Welby goes to war over ‘anti-gay’ bishop plot by traditionalists after historic marriage vote in Scotland, Jonathan Petre, Mailonline

Unity in diversity, Scottish Episcopal Church

Our Churches can’t bury their heads in the sand over same-sex marriage by Alf McCreary, Belfast Telegraph

New hope for traditionalist Anglicans in the UK, by Eno Adeogun, Premier (features interviews with Canon Andy Lines and Archbishop Foley Beach)

The GAFCON Missionary Bishop for Scotland and Europe by Canon Phil Ashey, AAC

BBC interview with Peter Jensen (poor sound quality)

Press Statement from the Bishop of Maidstone

ACNA FAQs on Missionary Bishop

Church of England Statement on marriage in Scottish Episcopal Church

Gay marriage in Scottish Episcopal Church: GAFCON announces ‘missionary bishop’ as split looms by Harry Farley, CT

GAFCON UK Statement on the announcement of the Gafcon /ACNA Missionary Bishop to Europe

Scottish Episcopal Church votes to allow equal marriage, ACNS (features statements from the Primus of the SEC and the Secretary General of the Anglican Communion Office).

Scottish Episcopal church votes to allow same-sex weddings by Harriet Sherwood, Guardian

Decision by Members of the General Synod to Redefine Marriage – Scottish Anglican Network Responds

Scottish Episcopalians revise canon law to permit gay marriage, but with conscience provision, Church Times

SEC approves same-sex marriage, Law & Religion UK

Scottish Episcopal Church: vote carried, Thinking Anglicans

The Gafcon consecration: Welby fiddles while Scotland burns, by David Ould

After Pentecost: small miracle, big implications, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. In the Book of Acts, the locus of God’s presence activity shifts from the historic religious institution to the new body of Christ.

The secularization of the Church of Scotland – what really happened at the Assembly, by David Robertson, The Wee Flea. Robertson’s commentary on the decision of Scottish Presbyterians to celebrate same sex marriage only two weeks before the Scottish Episcopal Church did the same.


See earlier reports on the consecration of a Bishop at Jesmond, and other new forms of Anglicanism, here.




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