Scottish teachers reporting non-trans affirming parents to social services

Jan 28, 2021 by

from The Christian Institute:

Schools across Scotland have been reporting parents to local authorities if they are unsupportive of their child’s desire to ‘swap gender’.

The Sunday Times reports that dozens of referrals have been made on the back of publicly-funded guidance produced by pro-trans lobby group LGBT Youth Scotland.

The Scottish Government distanced itself from the guidance in 2019 after The Christian Institute issued a legal letter expressing “significant concerns” over the “misleading” material.

Additional guidance

‘Supporting Transgender Young People: Guidance For Schools in Scotland’ says teachers should not tell parents if their child changes gender in school unless the child, who could be as young as four years old, gives permission, and that if parents are “struggling” with their child’s transgender identity, staff can consider raising this with the local authority.

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