Secxit (or why I must leave the Scottish Episcopal Church)

Oct 4, 2017 by

from Scottish Anglican Network:

The Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Most Reverend Mark Strange, has addressed the meeting of the primates of the Anglican Communion, accepting that the consequences applied to The Episcopal Church (USA) at the 2016 meeting, must also be applied to the province he represents. He failed to acknowledge that there are congregations and individuals in Scotland now seeking alternative oversight from the orthodox primates. One such, Daniel Davies of Christchurch, Harris in the Western Isles, writes: 

The church has been here before. In 318 AD a priest called Arius led a movement that said Jesus was just a man, and this heresy became so powerful that at one point, in eastern Christendom, every church leader that said otherwise was in one small boat with Bishop Athanasius, sailing up the Nile.

The heresy that we face today, when stripped down to its essentials, is the same. It follows from the belief that we can change Jesus’ words and that we can deny their plain meaning; in this instance, those recorded in Matthew 19: 5-6. If we do this it can only be on the grounds that Jesus is just a man, and could only speak out of the limited understanding possible in his own time and place – in his case, first century Palestine.

Given that we now live in the supposedly much more advanced twenty first century, we have outgrown Jesus’ more dated teaching, and so must substitute them with our own, as befits the times. What could be more rational than that?  So goes the revisionist argument. The difficulty is that Jesus claims he is far more than a man. He say that to see him is to see God, that he and the Father are one. He claims that he himself is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

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