Sex/gender revolution

May 4, 2021 by

A selection of articles illustrating the pervasive influence of secular gender ideologies in society and church:

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Evangelicals and casual sex by John Stonestreet and Roberto Rivera, Christian Post

ENGLAND: Transgendered Woman Priest leads official Online Sunday Serviceby David Virtue, Virtueonline

Transgender groups have ‘too much say’ on hate crime laws and consultation on expanding them risks being ‘unbalanced’, former Old Bailey judge says, by William Cole, Mailonline

Illinois church with drag queen leader has reached ‘doctrinal annihilation’: Al Mohler, by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post

Why Maya Forstater must winby Jo Bartosch, spiked

Primary school headteacher in Birmingham bans ‘damaging sexist’ phrases like ‘boys and girls’by Kate Plummer, Independent:

The Little Lady Who Brought Down Alfred Kinseyby Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine

The fundamental flaw in gender theory, by Dr Kevin Donnelly, The Conservative Woman

Does Leviticus 18 Apply to New Testament Believers? by Thomas Willoughby, The Gospel Coalition

Radical: The ideology of gender identity has been adopted at UK prisons, putting biological women at serious riskby Victoria Hewson, Conservative Home

Is Paedophilia a Real Danger in Todays Society? by David Robertson, Christian Today

Ministers shouldn’t appease the LGBT+ lobby. It doesn’t speak for all gay people – certainly not for meby Gary Powell, Conservative Home

Are the words ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ really transphobic? by Michael Cook, MercatorNet

Arkansas and the Politics of Experimenting on Childrenby Mark Regnerus, Public Discourse:

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