Stand up, male comedy writers, against this feminist onslaught

Jun 19, 2019 by

by Will Jones, The Conservative Woman:

ANOTHER day, another feminist activist with a little power using it to disadvantage men and favour women, and getting away with it.

Saskia Schuster, head of comedy for ITV, has announced she will no longer commission shows with all-male writing teams. Shockingly, if predictably, she justified her new policy with a crude generalisation about men: ‘Too often the writing room is not sensitively run. It can be aggressive and slightly bullying.’ Really? Does that include teams of two and teams of one?

Men, with their toxic masculinity, are aggressive, insensitive bullies who need to be discriminated against to neutralise this failing of their sex. Imagine the outcry if this kind of thing was suggested the other way around.

Ms Schuster claims she was receiving only one script from women for every five from men. So she determined: ‘I won’t commission anything with an all-male writing team.’

How can this be anything other than a clear admission of intent to discriminate on the basis of sex? It should leave ITV wide open to litigation under equality legislation. I sincerely hope this policy is tested in a court of law by some of the men who lose out under Ms Schuster’s barefaced misandry, and that ITV is forced to defend the policy before a judge so we can all see how legitimate it really is.

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